Monday, September 18, 2006

Another project complete

Well, I see that it's been nearly a week since my last blog posting and that coincides perfectly with a recent client event we've been heavily involved with planning. The American Gold Cup (a 5-day horse show jumping event) began last Wed. and lasted through Sunday. I was responsible for 4, 500+ people client receptions at the horse show. I logged 20+ extra hours over the course of the weekend and needless to say I'm a little tired. The events were great and our client (who was the sponsor of the event) was beyond thrilled, so it was worth all the extra effort we put in.

The kids spent the weekend at Mom & Dad's and visited the Guernsey County Fair. Mr. B LOVED it, especially since all the rides were included with the price of admission. He told me he rode almost every single ride at least once (including the scrambler with Dad). Miss Monkey on the other hand, only rode two rides. Her first ride with a dragon kiddie rollercoaster. According to Miss Monkey, "It was really scary and went really high and really fast". The only other ride she would venture on after that was the merry go round with Mom.

Mike, Shari, Rich and the girls came out to one of my receptions on Saturday (it pays to have a wife/sister who has access to free tickets ;o) I was able to grab a quick lunch with them and then it was back to work. They seemed to have a great time and Megan and Mia loved watching the big horses jump right in front of them (our client's chalet tent was right along the ringside and one of the jumps was situated right in front of our tent).

On Sunday, the kids came home and Mike and Mr. B cooked me dinner. It was definitely a welcome treat after a very long weekend.

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