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I'm a PR pro by day. Chaos Manager by night. Proud momma of two. Trying to balance everything as a "solo" momma, while my husband is globetrotting for work during the week.

That is the cliff note version of me and the inspiration behind this blog. But in reality there is much more to me than that clever online persona I crafted years ago. 

I am a happiness seeker at my core and feel most at ease when there is peace surrounding my life.

I've dreamed of having the fairy tale life, with the perfect, happy family and home life…but as I've learned throughout the years, life’s not perfect. For me, I have learned to adapt a heart of gratitude (or at least I'm trying), with happiness being achieved through one small act at a time, in good times and especially the bad.

After growing up in a small rural town, I've found myself being more comfortable being a big fish in a small pond. That carried through into my college choice and ultimately my profession.

Creativity stirs my soul and I find great pleasure when I allow myself the time to simply create …whether it’s a writing a blog post, painting, cooking, crafting or trying out any of the thousands of pins I've pinned for inspiration.

I also have a bit of a competitive streak as a former volleyball player. That competitive drive has recently reemerged in my life. Spurred on my regular high intensity interval training workouts at Living Lean, I am physically stronger than I've ever been.

Throughout the life of this blog, I've strived for the elusive life balance every woman wants. While I've come to learn that balance is a myth...it doesn't keep me from working hard to achieve the life I desire.

Me and my handsome husband.

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