Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Cedar Point

Today, Mr. B redeemed his birthday gift from his Aunt Shari--a free trip to Cedar Point. It was his first visit to the park and the anticipation levels were high. He seems to have gathered quite a few facts about each roller coast (heights, speeds, etc.) and was raring to go this morning. All told, I believe they rode 7 coasters and a ton of other rides. He didn't get to ride their newest coaster, the Maverick, as the line was 2.5 hours long just 5 minutes after the park opened. I think the longest they waited in line was 1.5 hrs (an eternity to a nine year old), so he opted for those rides with shorter lines.

He left the house with $30 and came home with $1, plus a t-shirt and a 2 foot tall water mug.

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SC said...

From Aunt Shari's perspective, it was a great time. The 1.5 hour wait in the beating sun was enough to do an adult in . . .but I truly enjoyed the company. On the car ride, I gave Brandon a lesson in economics (supply and demand), we played the alphabet game a few times, and talked about all of our favorite rides. Brandon is sure to put a smile on anyone's face as he closes his eyes, grips the handle bars tightly or laughs at all the other people screaming on the rides that he finds 'easy.' Happy Birthday Brandon!!!!!

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