Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Mr. B's new passion...skiing

Mr. B went skiing with Shari and Rich this past weekend for the first time. They signed him up for a group ski lesson at Peak N Peak ski resort in New York (just a 1 1/2 hour drive from their house). It sounded like it was a pretty shaky start for our little man as frustrations with staying on his feet led to some tears along the way. However, they said the instructors saw his frustrations and gave him a little more personal attention and before you know it, he was feeling much better about his abilities. By the end of the day he even progressed from the bunny training hill to the green hill (complete with a journey on and off the ski lift) for a couple runs.

He was so excited about his new love, that he begged to go skiing again the very next day. What a crushing blow when I told him we wouldn't be doing that on Sunday or anytime in the near future (as we'd be spending time with Mike when he's home this weekend). I did tell him that I'd look into him joining the area's ski club next year (I think it's geared for 5th graders and older from his school), but he's still begging to go skiing before then...oh, what's a non-skiing mom to do ;o)

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