Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spying on my children

I am not afraid to admit it. Yesterday, I spied on my children. Without them knowing. And it warmed my heart.

The weather in Ohio has finally started warming up and the kids ran outside to play in the backyard after church. After changing my clothes I heard one of my favorites sounds. Children's laughter. Coming from our backyard. I couldn't help myself...I went to the nearest window to spy on my children.

Normally, they don't play together well (at least for very long). Mr. B blames it on their age/gender difference. Usually someone says something to annoy the other and that is the end of their playing together. But not yesterday. As I watched from an upstairs window, I witnessed a miracle (OK, that might be a slight exaggeration, but to this Momma, it was a miraculous event). Mr. B and Miss Monkey were actually playing. Together. They were getting along. And having FUN. All without mom's urging.

It started out with Mr. B playing catcher to Miss Monky. Her windup was meticulous and she threw each pitch with all her might. Mr. B would catch it, cheer her on (or give her pitching pointers) and then throw a grounder back to her so she could do it again.

This cooperative play continued on for nearly a half hour. They switched from baseball, to lacrosse, to kickball and a few other games they concocted in between. All the while, they were laughing. And just enjoying being kids. Together.

Like most mothers, I constantly feel like a referee to their continual bickering. While not my favorite part of parenting (Oh, who am I stinks), I've been trying to deal with this "challenge" with a positive approach. It's hard (REALLY hard), but I'm trying to set a positive example.

Today, as I witnessed my children having fun together, I was full of pride. And my heart smiled.

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