Saturday, June 20, 2009


My Daddy (yes, I still call him Daddy) is the rock of our family.

He's Devoted. Protective. God Loving. Hard Working. Opinionated.

He's the man I looked up to when I was a child (well, maybe not when he decided to show his gun collection to all the boys attending my 16th birthday party).

And he's the man I continue to respect today.

Daddy, I love you for all that you've sacrificed for our family and for the love you've ALWAYS shown me, my sisters and Mom. You are the epitome of what a father should be...and I'm so glad to be able to call you mine.

I know you don't want your picture posted on my blog...
hopefully this one will be OK.
You're smiling...and I LOVE your smile!


Krystyn said...

Awww...what a sweet post. Happy Father's Day to your Daddy.

Mocha Dad said...

Daddies are great aren't they? I hope your daddy had a wonderful Father's Day.

lizspin said...

First time here. . .and I love your look!

I'm following. . .

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