Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Brief Encounter with Jillian Michaels

On Tuesday evening, after tucking my children into bed, I grabbed my laptop and settled onto the couch to finish watching the season premier of The Biggest Loser.

As is the case many nights, my focus was alternating between many things...watching the premier, checking emails and Facebook, reading blogs and conversing with friends on Twitter.

As I was watching the weigh in, one contestant (Abby) caught my attention. She had lost her husband and two children in a car accident more than 2 years ago and she spoke about how she was not afraid of death would be a much easier choice for her. But she was making the decision to get up each focus on living each day and improving her life. It was, as she said, the hardest decision she makes daily. Her words were heartfelt and truly inspiring. It had me fighting back tears...and then I witnessed that Jillian Michaels, TV's notoriously toughest trainer, was struggling to keep her tears away too.

So I sent this tweet on Twitter:

Imagine my surprise when this reply came back less than a minute later:

I think my heart lept out of my chest with the shear shock of it all. JILLIAN MICHAELS JUST REPLIED TO ME!!!

I know it shouldn't cause me such excitement, but it does. She is so inspiring (despite her rough demeanor) and has helped so many people reclaim their lives. She took the time to respond to my innocent comment and it made my night.

(And now I have something cool to brag about to my kids in the morning.)


Lynette3boys said...

Jillian rocks - I am so jealous - how cool! And I agree about how touching Abby's story was. Wow.

tom the girl said...

but isn't that kind of a bitch comment she made? correcting you for thinking she had empathy for the woman who lost her family, when she simply had something in her eye?


not cool JM. not cool at all.

Loukia said...

That is SO TOTALLY COOL that she replied to your tweet! I would be super excited too, you know. I wonder if she was joking, though? Or for real? Regardless... neat-o that she replied to you!

OHmommy said...

Very cool. Im going to start responding to celebrity tweets, lol.

Burgh Baby said...

I love twitter.

Anonymous said...

I love Jillian too ... cool beans that she responded !!! Wish I had more time for Twitter (when you all are actually AWAKE!)

Krystyn said...

Cool that she responded..but it seems kind of mean (her response)....maybe it was meant to be sarcastic. Should have used the sarcastic font.

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