Thursday, September 03, 2009

My love, hate relationship with the fair

Growing up in rural Ohio, August always brought two things...the return to school. And the annual county fair. It was such a part of the rural culture that we even had a day off from school for people to attend the fair. I kid you not. The fair was a BIG deal.

Every year it was THE place to go. Especially when I was in high school. I mean where else can you go for food, rides and demolition derbies all in one place. And I went every year with anxious excitement.

But somehow between then and now, the fair has lost its luster. Perhaps I've been to one to many animal barns, spun on one too many scrambler rides and lost money at one to many of those ridiculous carnival games. If it were just me, I'd have said goodbye to the fair years ago.

And I did for a long while. But then I had children.

For years, when Mr. B was in elementary school, I eluded the fair. After all, since he'd never been there, he didn't know what he was missing. But then he got older. And his friends started talking about their visits to the fair. And his blissful ignorance about this summertime tradition was gone.

So for the past three years, I've been tucking away my disdain for the fair (perhaps that's a bit harsh, it's just not one of my favorite things) and sharing this experience with my children.

And they've loved every minute of it.

The bumper cars. Archery shooting. Face painting. Carnival games. And the food. Lord knows they love fair food (yes, I've passed my love for elephant ears on to my children).

So for now, I'm loving the fair through my children's eyes. And that's good enough for me.


jayna said...

I can totally see how it could get to that point, but we're still counting down all year for it. I've been almost giddy at the thought of really introducing my girls to everything there is. But, we do spend the majority of the time around the show rings . . .

Glad to have found your blog, btw :-)

Midwest Mommy said...

I too took about a 14 year break from the fair. I took the kids this year. They absolutely loved it. We'll be back next year.

Heather said...

The fair is a big deal around here as well, in fact when our school district changed the high school schedule that had them going on fair week there was a minor uproar. So if you went to fair week & your parents wrote a note you could be excused.

I, myself, really don't like the fair. Its hot, dusty, smelly and did I mention hot? When the girls were younger they would take the girls on Tuesday (or whatever day kids day happen to be) but this year mom had eye surgery and was unable to go because of the dust. I did plan on going on Friday that week, but that was the day we got the horrible thunderstorms and tornado warnings (oh darn!)

But you & your kiddos enjoy the fair, and I will live vicariously through you all *wink*

Krystyn said...

Elephants come to our fair...and Izzy has been talking about seeing them again since last September. Pretty sure we'll be going! And, we pass the fair grounds every day!

Melissa said...

I could've written this same blog entry. I dread it every year. This year we were there on two days. But, it was sweet to see Ethan's excitement during the demo derby & the other two's fascination with the animals.

Now, are you up for taking them to the Guernsey County Fair? :)

OHmommy said...

So. I just heard the radio ad for the fair. I think we have to go. I mean my kids LOVE pigs and horses and food.

What day are you going?

Anonymous said...

oh I am MISSING the fairs! It is SO fair season in Ohio.


I just want to smell the horse poop, walk through the 4-H animal displays, eat a gyro, watch the kids on the ferris wheel, and Amish-people-watch all day in the sun.

HAVE FUN!!!! (eat some fair food for me, k?)

LZ @ My Messy Paradise said...

We have a state fair that I loved as a kid, then it fizzled, and now that I have kids, I'm more excited than ever to go. We know how much we loved it growing up, and it's so fun to see them loving it, too. Enjoy!

Loukia said...

It's totally a different experience, isn't it, doing the fair thing with your children? I kind of like it... we have gone to quite a few fairs this summer and I enjoy going on the merry go round with my boys and buying them cotton candy, etc. I remember as a teenager how much fun it was to go to the fair and go on all the rides and just have fun!

OHmommy said...

Hey. I can't find your email for the life of me. Want to invite you over for this Friday night. Email me.


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