Wednesday, November 04, 2009

A phone of his own

My sixth grade son has wanted a cell phone for a LONG time.

And he been VERY persistent.

"Why can't I get a cell phone? Everyone has one."

"Why can't I get a cell phone? Don't you trust me?"

"Why can't I get a cell phone? I really, really, REALLY want one."

"Why can't I get a cell phone? I can't believe you won't let me have one yet. You're the meanest parents in the world."

Why? Why? Why? When? When? When?

The pestering requests were never ending.

And for a long while, we resisted.

We knew he didn't need one, as I provided his transportation and anytime he needed to go anywhere, I was there. Plus, he didn't actually like talking on the phone.

So our answer continued to be "Not now sweetie. You'll get one when you're older."

But as he continued to grow up, that decision eventually shifted from a crystal clear "No" to a fuzzy "Maybe". And a few weeks ago, my husband suggested we make the leap to "Yes" when he revealed that he'd been researching the options and thought it might be a good idea to finally grant him his wish.

Last weekend, before my husband left for his 3 week business trip to South Africa and Mexico, we had the big reveal.

The look on Mr. B's face when he realized that he was actually getting a cell phone of his own was PRICELESS (one I wish I would have thought to document with my camera). It was jaw-dropping amazement, followed by a huge smile.

But... (and isn't there always a but?)

"But having a cell phone is a privilege and you need to be responsible for how and when you use it," my husband explained.

Then he pulled out a one-page typed mobile phone contract that Mr. B had to read and sign (one that he asked me to edit before sharing it with Mr. B...have I mentioned before that I love my husband?) It included rules of phone use including the number of minutes he had each month, when it could be used and when it had to be turned off. It required him to read the school's handbook policy on cell phone use and recite it to his father. And it layed out behavioural expectations we had for Mr. B (ie, positive attitude, helping with chores willingly, and maintaining an A or B average in all classes).

And like any good contract it included specific consequences for "breach of contract."

Let's just say that Mr. B. couldn't sign the contract fast enough.

He FINALLY had a phone of his own...and he was in heaven.

And for now, we are both rock-star parents in his eyes...and I'm lovin' it.


Elaine A. said...

Good idea on the 'contract'! Being a rock star is pretty cool, isn't it? (not that I would have ANY idea...) ; )

Heather said...

I, have seen his pesterings and longing looks at Giggles cell phone, so I know how excited he was.

Congrats Mr. B! and congrats to you & rock stars!

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