Thursday, December 17, 2009

Revealing my TV show at at time

As I was coming back from a client media interview yesterday, I was listening to Cosmo Radio (you know, one of my favorite stations I listen to only when I'm ALONE in my car). I was intrigued when they started talking about how Michelle Obama recently admitted her love of reality TV. They described how it made them feel even more connected with her...afterall, if the First Lady of the United States enjoyed escaping for an hour or two of trashy reality programming, she has to be just like us...totally normal, right?

The conversation eventually led to the question of what your television viewing habits say about your personality.

So I thought I'd reveal what I watch (whenever I have control of the remote...which is usually when my children are asleep and my husband is away from home) and let you tell me what you think they reveal about my personality:

Growing up, my favorite show was the soap opera Days of our Lives (talk about living in a fantasy world).

Today, I LOVE. LOVE. LOVE watching:

I've also been know to watch these (when they used to be on)

Now, I have my own theories about what they say about my personality (like that I desparately want to escape to a fantasy world and relish watching others improve their lives)...but what do you think? And more importantly, what are the shows you watch and what do they say about you?


Heather said...

I just got caught up in Desperate Housewives in syndication...very sad that I shunned it for all these years.

Amanda said...

I'm still trying to figure out why I love watching shows like NCIS and JAG but don't like to watch police shows such as Law and Order. This also goes with movies: Love military movies and don't care for comedy and horror movies.
Can someone explain?

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