Thursday, June 10, 2010

Schools Out for Summer

Last year, I had the genius idea to chronicle how my children had changed during the duration of one school year.

It dawned on me last night that the last day of school was tomorrow...and if I wanted to repeat this 'Before and After' post, I needed to remember to take photos of their last day.

Miss Monkey would be no problem I thought, as she usually doesn't have a problem with hamming it up for the camera. Mr. B, on the otherhand, would likely cringe at the thought or worse yet, adamently refuse.

And I was right...he didn't like the idea one bit until I said I'd drop him off at school on his last day (vs. having to ride the bus). Some might call it bribery...I call it creative parenting. Or, problem solving. Either way. I got my photo without so much as a grumble. Cha-ching!

As a matter of comparison, this is what they choose to wear on the first day of school (totally neglecting the overwhelming opinions of my beloved readers):

And this is what they looked like on their last day of 2nd and 6th grade:


Mr. B has grown taller, and developed an ever serious love for his shaggy moptop (although I've somehow convinced him of the logic of having shorter hair in the summer...and yes, I will be racing him to get a haircut tonight before he changes his mind).

He has flourished in middle school, achieving an elusive 4.0 GPA (the only boy in 6th grade, not that I'm proud or anything...) He was also the proud (ok, his parents were proud, he was embarrassed) recipient of the Sulc Award (named after a former teacher) for his academic excellence, leadership and...POSITIVE ATTITUDE. It gives me hope that he does in fact know how to do something besides sulk...and he is capable of having a positive attitude, even if it's just mostly displayed at school.

Miss Monkey is now sporting stylish specs and is quickly approaching my height (not to mention being able to wear some of my shoes now). She is proud that she is following in her brother's footsteps in school and is adament that she is in fact just as smart, if not smarter than her brother. She is thoughtful and compassionate. But carries a stubborn streak. She is a devoted friend, budding artist and loves reading. And now, she is officially my little third grader.

And I can't help but wonder what the next school year will bring...

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