Monday, September 05, 2011

Back to school 2011

My Mom sweetly reminded me that I hadn't posted anything about back to school...not even my popular What to Wear series (well if you can call two a series).

The start of school came without much fanfare...backpacks and lunches were packed and outfits were picked out the night before. Miss B is now a proud 4th grader and loves, loves, loves her teacher. (Mr. B is in 8th grade...and he was not overly thrilled when he caught a glimpse of me sneaking a cell phone photo of him getting on the bus.)

In the first week of school, Miss B has decided to run for student council. Fingers crossed that she gets elected (and let's me share her nomination speech).

Watch out 4th she comes!

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MoninaW said...

I'd vote for her! Happy 4th grade!

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