Monday, April 07, 2014

Saying goodbye...

My Grandpa passed away peacefully yesterday morning with my mom and uncle by his side. He was 97.

I take tremendous comfort in knowing that he's reuniting in heaven with Grandma and enjoying
17 kisses with his beloved wife, who he shared 67 blessed years with.

Grandma and Grandpa on their wedding day 

Grandpa was like our own energizer bunny, rebounding from illnesses and health issues for years. But before then, he was full of energy, working on his own farm well into his 70s.

He was the strong, quite type (perhaps because he had a hard time getting a word in edgewise with Grandma, who loved to talk ;). Even though he was a man of few words, we all knew that...

He loved the Lord.

He loved Grandma.

And he loved his family....

(not to mention dry roasted peanuts and making homemade applesauce, which he asked to make even in his last days).

Grandpa will always have a special place in my heart, not only because of the man he was, but also because he shared a special birthday trifecta with my Daddy and son.

We'll miss you Grandpa...give Grandma a kiss for me ;)


Crystal @EatDrinkClev said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. But what an amazing blessing to have your Grandpa with you for so many years. ((hugs))

Anne Lowrey said...

What a beautiful tribute to your grandfather. It seems he lived a full life. Sending love and strength with my condolences.

Naomi Hattaway said...

Thank you for sharing a bit of your grandfather with all of us. We are sorry for your loss and sending our condolences and some love.

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