Friday, June 23, 2006

A Friday Together

Today I had a day off with the kids and what a day it was. We started with birthday photos for both kids. Brandon will be 8 on July 8 and Bailey was 4 on....January 9. I know I'm really behind on hers, but better late than never ;o)

We then got a few craft items at Michael's and then headed home for a brief stop before going out to lunch at one of our favorite restaurants...Bahama Breeze. Then we came home to build legos and play with our new crafts before heading off to the movies. We wanted to watch Over the Hedge, but it stopped playing at the theaters yesterday (my timing is impecible). We ended up watching Garfield: The Tale of Two Kitties. It was actually better than I expected, but both kids weren't wowed with it. The seemed to enjoy it in the theaters, but once it was over, they seemed to have a slightly different opinion. I guess the popcorn might have clouded their judgement :o)

We spent the night making homemade pizzas and then finishing up our lego projects before Mike returns home this evening.

Tomorrow, the kids will be spending the day with Aunt Shari and Rich. Mike secretely arranged that they watch them so that we could have a date afternoon/ definitely scored major points on my end. Our 13th anniversary is Monday.

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