Thursday, July 06, 2006

Michigan Vacation

We just got back from spending 5 days with the Wood family in Michigan. After a 6 hour trip in the car (the kids are actually getting much better on the trips...even without a DVD player in Mike's car this time;o), we had a birthday party in honor of Brandon's 8th birthday. Grandma Carol arranged for a cake to be made of a waterpark slide (which Brandon loved). He seemed to have made out well in the gift department, hauling in $80, pick up sticks game and a few video games from Mom & Dad. He's a little bummed though that Dad won't let him spend his money for a while ;o)

The next two days were spent with Grandma & Grandpa at the campground, where we enjoyed a lot of boating, fishing, swimming and a lot of great food over the campfire (you can't beat smores;o). The first day Brandon caught 25 fish (at least according to his calculations), but most were thrown back in because of their meager size. Bailey caught a couple, but she seemed to get a little bored when they wouldn't bite her hook immediately. So instead she made up cute little songs for the fishies.

On July 4th, we all went to see the movie, Cars. I think the grown ups actually enjoyed the movie more than the kids. In the evening, Brandon learned how to ride a bike without training wheels and took to it really quickly. Before he started his Grandpa said he'd buy him a new bike if he learned how to ride...I think they're coming next weekend to pick one out. I also bet him $2 that he couldn't do it (...what can I say, money and gifts are a big motivator for our soon to be 8 year old.

The kids also enjoyed sparklers for the first time and loved them. They went wild dancing around the yard with them.

Now we're back home for a day before we head down to Salt Fork to spend a few days with the Cox side of the family.

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