Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Another break?

With just one week before school begins, Brandon has hurt himself yet again. On Sunday, he had his friend Colin over to the house to play (he was the little boy he was playing with when he broke his arm this spring). I just happened to peak out the window as Brandon jumped off the swingset ladder and landed on his wrist (although he claims he fell ;o) He bolted inside immediately saying it hurt. After a little ice pack and ace bandage wrap, he was back playing with his friend. I figured since it wasn't swollen, bruised and he wasn't screaming in pain like he was with the first break, that this was probably just a sprain. Well, it's Tuesday and he says his wrist still hurts. I'll be calling the doctor today to see if he can have it looked at...keep your fingers crossed that it really is just a sprain and that Brandon doesn't have to start school on Monday with another cast ;o)

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