Sunday, August 20, 2006

Geauga Lake

My sister Shari pointed out that I hadn't updated my blog since I took Brandon to Geauga Lake on here goes.

I knew I wouldn't have any energy to exercise at the end of the day, so I decided to drop both kids off at Carol's and get a workout in the morning. By 10, I was energized from my workout and on my way to pick up Brandon for our first visit to GL this summer (Brandon actually went to GL a few weeks ago with his Aunt Shari and Rich as part of his birthday present.)

We spent the first part of the day riding roller coasters, with a few "breaks" sprinkled in (ie. bumper cars, water rides, etc.) I've never been a huge roller coaster fan, but I think each year it gets harder and harder to get enthused about the rides. Brandon on the other hand is really into them (especially since he's tall enough to ride almost all of them now, even the big ones). He loves everyone of them (from the bumpy wooden types, to the double loops, to the new twisting/looping coasters you sit in and your legs dangle down). I think I spent most of the rides with my eyes closed--well, at least the ones that flipped upside down ;o)

Brandon finally decided to stop riding coasters after we had to wait an hour to ride Thunderhawk. At that point we headed to the waterpark. We went on several water slides (both body slides and with innertubes), and spent a little time in the pool. A new attraction this year is Tidal Wave Bay. This is a huge pool that goes from zero feet to 6 feet. Once the tidal waves are turned on, they start flowing from the deep end. Brandon loved riding the waves, but I had to keep a close eye on him. There were hundreds of people crammed in the pool and they weren't watching out for my little guy. I stayed as close as I could, while still letting Brandon enjoy the waves.

Of course, before we left the park, we had to pick up some cotton candy for Bailey (we promised we'd bring her some). Brandon even paid for it with his own cost a whopping 25 cents ;o) Of well, it's the thought that counts and Bailey was definitely happy that her brother got her something sweet to eat.

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Shari said...

Ah, I guess big sis doesn't like the big roller coasters. I, on the other hand, love riding the roller coasters with Brandon. It's so fun to watch his facial expressions. I look forward to Brandon growing another inch or two. . . Cedar Point here we come!!!!

~Aunt Shari

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