Monday, August 14, 2006

Weekend at the Zoo

This weekend, Mike and I decided to take the kids to the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. It was a bit impromptu, so we didn't bring our camera (sorry no photos). We decided to make it a surprise...all the way, we could see Brandon trying to figure out where we're going. His only clue was that we had taken him there once before, but Bailey had never been there. He was stumped for a while (as we were in an area we didn't recognize) until he saw a large sign that said "ZOO". Once they realized where they were going, they were both excited and bouncing around in the back seat. Upon arrival, we went straight to the Touch! exhibit, a large pool filled with rays and baby sharks. The thought is that you hold your hands in the water and they swim up to you to touch. Unfortunately, Bailey's arms were a bit too short to go very deep in the water and Brandon wanted nothing to do with the sharks (even though we assured him they wouldn't hurt him). Brandon and I touched the bottom of a ray, which felt a lot like a mushroom. From there, we went to the Australian Adventure section of the zoo to see the kangaroos. We remembered from our last visit that they were free roaming and jumping all around you, but today they were just laying around under trees (not very exciting). Then we went to the Rainforest, which is a really cool two story exhibit filled with tropical greenery and lots of cool animals. Brandon's favorite exhibit was the bats. It was a really long enclosed area with red lights so you could see the bats flying. Bailey thought the giant fish were really cool (a true Wood trait ;o)

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