Tuesday, October 17, 2006

It's What...?

Mr. B has had a cough for the past couple weeks and it seemed to get more persistent this past weekend, so Mike convinced me to call the doctor. I got him in after school yesterday (despite his obvious annoyance...he thought he was fine). We wanted to make sure he didn't have bronchitis or pneumonia and expected them to tell us to just continue to give him cough medicine and wait it out. Well, the first thing the doctor checked was his ears and right away he said "I don't like how this one looks". It turns out that Mr. B has an ear infection and that is exacerbating his cough. Go figure...he told me yesterday morning that his ears felt clogged (so I told him to go get a Q-Tip and clean them out). Apparently that was a sign that there was fluid in his ears. He's now on medication and slept through the night without coughing (for the first time in at least a week).

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