Sunday, October 29, 2006

Wow, what a week. It started with dinner with the Jennings on Monday. Our house was filled with 4 excited, rowdy kids. On Thursday, it was off to Mr. B's school play, Bones, in which he played Dr. Crackem. He actually had a lot of lines compared to his classmates and he did a great job (even though he was very nervous to be performing in front of a crowd of 100+ family members.

Mr. B's ear infection has cleared up, but Miss Monkey, not to be outdone by her brother, developed a nasty cough of her own. A visit to the doctor on Friday proved that she had bronchitis and she was put on cough medicine and an antibiotic. She seemed to be doing better on Saturday, so Mike and I opted to keep our already scheduled date at the Carousel Dinner Theater (for a matinee production of Urinetown...I know the title is gross, but it was actually a very funny play). When we went back to pick up the kids at Rich and Shari's place, Miss Monkey had developed a bright red rash on her checks. After another dose of medicine and a warm bath, Miss Monkey was off to bed. When she woke up, the rash had cleared. However, not more than 1 later, her body was nearly covered with a rash. Concerned that this might be another bout of scarlett fever, I took her to PromptCare and the doctor said it was likely just an allergic reaction to the antibiotic she was prescribed. After switching medications, she seems to be doing better and the rash is subsiding. I think I've had enough excitement for one week...we'll see what next week has in store.

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