Monday, November 20, 2006

Our elected official

Last week, Mr. B decided that he wanted to run for 3rd grade student council. He was required to write a 1 minute speech that he would then give to his class. Knowing that this might turn into a negative situation if he didn't do well in the elections, I cautioned him that it was very possible that he wouldn't get elected (there is 1 person elected from each third grade class and 1 alternate). He was very nervous about speaking in front of his class, but he decided that he really wanted to pursue it. Well guess what...our little man came in second and he's the alternate from his class. He was on cloud nine! It's even more impressive since half of his class (of 20) ran. Everyone could vote for two people and he got 10 votes. When we got home, Mike and I decided to take him out for a celebratory dinner. It was definitely a very good day!

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