Monday, March 19, 2007

March update

March is proving to be a pretty busy month for our family. Mr. B seems to have a lot of friends with birthdays this month and is set to go to yet another birthday party this Saturday. Miss Monkey struggles to see her brother go to party after party and we have to keep reminding her that once she's in school she'll be invited to parties too (Lord help our wallets... ;o)

I was able to get a little respite away when I hosted three of my college girlfriends for a few hours of shopping at Legacy Village. It was really nice to reconnect with them all (even though we didn't buy much).

Mr. B is in the midst of a major research project on Costa Rica and we spent some of the weekend doing internet research. This all leads up to an International Festival next week where parents are invited to come in to see their completed projects (and even sample some international snacks from each country). This week, the third graders will also be putting on a music concert (with an international flare of course). Mr. B's class has the U.S. and is excited he has a reason to wear his favorite orange Hawaiin shirt.

This coming weekend looks to be especially jam packed. We have to turn in our Equinox (lease ends Saturday), pick up our treadmill from Sears (we ordered it several weeks ago and it should be in on Saturday). Then Brandon has a birthday party with his friend Colin, and Bailey wants to visit the Easter bunny. There's also the possibility of us needing to sign our final papers in our home refinance mortgage. Sunday might have to be a true day of rest ;o) Who am I kidding, I'm sure we'll be catching up on household chores that day.

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