Thursday, March 29, 2007

Two days and counting

Our Disney trip is only two days away (we fly out of Cleveland on Saturday afternoon) and the kids are getting excited. I reminded Miss Monkey that while we were leaving on Saturday, we wouldn't be going to Disney World until Sunday...she didn't seem to like that too much and couldn't understand we weren't just going directly from the airport to Disney. Her dismay was short lived though (thankfully), especially after she talked with her cousin Megan (who is going on the trip with us. It seems that everyone is eagerly anticipating our trip to sunny Florida.
Yesterday, Mr. B had an International Festival at his school. This was the culmination of a month-long research project he did on Costa Rica in his social studies class. At the festival, he was at his display (which included a soccer ball, coffee, and plenty of coconut orange pound cake). I took my lunch hour in the morning so I could go to the festival and took this picture of Mr. B on my camera phone.

Because of the festival, he didn't have any homework, so I decided to take the kids to the playground after dinner. We invited Brandon's friend Colin and spent an hour playing tag, soccer, swinging, jumping rope and playing hopscotch.

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