Sunday, April 15, 2007

After all these years...

Yesterday, Mike and I took the kids to visit my Aunt Georga and her husband John. I was a little anxious before I got there (after all it had been 25+ years since I'd last seen my aunt and I'd never met John). However, as soon as I got there it was like we'd just seen each other yesterday. It was so nice to reminence about our visits at Nana's house and hearing her take on some of Daddy's childhood memories. Daddy seemed to really relish in having his sister home and he had a constant grin on his face most of the day.

Our visit was full of memories and of course excitement from the kids. Anytime you get the 6 cousins together, there's always a lot of commotion. One example was when we viewed Mom and Dad's anniversary DVD (wonderfully produced by Rich and Shari). Each family had there own section of photos and music and the kids went wild dancing. Overall, I think everyone enjoyed our quick visit and were sad to have to say goodbye.

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