Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Learning a new skill

Monday was a gorgeous spring day and I was anxious to get some yard work started after work. When I picked up the kids, I was quickly bombarded with their other ideas for the evening. They wanted to invite a friend over and then go to the park. After much explanation, they finally realized that Mom would be winning this debate. When I went into the garage to prep the mower, Mr. B came out and asked if he could mow. My first thought was no, but he persisted and I decided to let him give it a try.

Well, my little man is now mowing the grass and doing it pretty well. He mowed the side yard by our neighbors (it's relatively flat and straight section to mow.) He had to take a couple breaks because his hands hurt a little, but he persisted and finished the project before I got the front yard done with the riding mower. Tonight, we completed the back yard together and then had about an hour left for some outdoor fun (volleyball and kickball). I can't believe I didn't have him try this earlier...he'll definitely be helping us mow from now on ;O)

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