Thursday, April 05, 2007

Disney...part 2

Our strategy for our third and final day at Disney was divide and conquer. Mike and Mr. B spent the morning at Epcot taking in several rides they missed earlier, including Soarin, a simulated hang gliding ride. They also went to Innovations and built some robots and of course took in the GM Test Track again.

Miss Monkey and I arrived at Magic Kingdom as it opened and got a photo/autograph from Pluto and Daisy Duck before we even went past Main Street. Then we were off to ride the teacups, dumbo, Cinderella's carousel. At this point Shari, Rich and the girls had arrived (they left a little later than us and with all the traffic and Disney congestion, we didn't meet up until 10:30. Then we rode the carousel again and took a ride on Snow White's scarey adventure and It's a Small World. While Rich and Shari took the girls to ride the Pooh ride with their fast pass (Miss Monkey and I had used our tickets to get Mike and Mr. B fast passes to Space Mountain) we went to get lunch. Mr. B and Mike then returned to get their fast passes and were off to ride the roller coaster. The rest of us went to ride the Indy cars. The line had a 30 minute wait (which wasn't too long by Disney standards), but we could tell that the girls had reached their limit while standing in line. They enjoyed the ride, but after that Rich and Shari were headed back to the condo with all the girls for naps. Once they left, I caught up with the guys and went to Frontierland for one last roller coaster ride. While they were enjoying the ride, I actually saw a brief portion of the Disney wishes parade and got a few good pictures. By this time, Mr. B was complaining his feet were sore (he had the starting of 7 blisters on his toes at this point and asked if we could just call it a day and go back to the condo. We had originally planned on returning to Epcot for the Illuminations fireworks, but all the kids were pretty tired so we decided to have a "quiet" evening at the condo and swim.
Our flight back to Cleveland was pretty uneventful. There was a short delay due to having to de-ice the plane in Cleveland. While we were waiting, Mike checked with the ticket agent about using his frequent flier perks to board early with the kids. During the conversation, the agent offered to bump Mike up to 1st class. He said he thought we should stay with the kids and then the agent said he could have me upgraded. It was quite a treat to have a big comfy seat (and a very quiet trip too boot as well ;o)

Overall, I think everyone had a great time and both kids said this was our best vacation yet. Mike said maybe we'd return again in 2-3 years and I'm sure they'll both be reminding Mike again. Miss Monkey's already said she'd be 8 when she goes back to Disney.

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