Thursday, May 31, 2007

Another one bites the dust

Miss Monkey has lost yet another tooth this week (her second in just 3 days). Her two front bottom teeth are now gone and she is sporting a very big toothless grin. As we were setting out her second tooth for the tooth fairy, Mr. B insisted that I was the tooth fairy because fairies aren't real. I took him aside and said I would tell him the truth, as long as he promised to keep it a secret from Miss Monkey. He also asked about Santa during the conversation so I asked him what he thought about it . He said he wasn't sure but that he thought Santa would be more real than the tooth for now he still believes ;o)

This past weekend we accomplished a lot of yard work (as is evidence by the poison ivy I have now ;o(. I wore gloves and was very careful not to touch the poison ivy I saw, but maybe my skin is super sensitive to it that it reacts to the oils in the air (my neighbor says that's how she often gets it too). The mild itching is worth the effort, as our flower beds look really good now.

We are also the proud owners of a new vehicle...a scarlet red Trailblazer. We turned in our Equinox last month and the Malibu is being turned in on its lease this Saturday. The interior is grey so I've been joking with Mr. B that we should nickname it Buckeye (in honor of OSU). He definitely didn't like that as he seems to be a faithful Michigan fan (thanks to extreme loyalty to his dad...he's from Michigan after all ;o)

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