Wednesday, May 23, 2007


I had a great weekend...on Saturday, I left the kids with Mike and headed out for 24 uninterrupted hours of bonding with my mom and sisters. We did more shopping on Saturday than I can remember ever doing in one day (too bad I didn't find much I wanted in my price range ;o) We must have hit 4 separate shopping areas and enjoyed two meals out and a chocolate fondue dessert and then did manicures/pedicures at the hotel. It was such a nice break from all the responsibilities of life and it was great to reconnect with the "Cox girls."

While we were all away, Mike and Rich took the kids to Chuck E Cheese and then Panera for lunch. Somewhere along the way, the kids convinced Mike to go to Coldstone for ice cream too. They definitely seemed to have a great time with Dad and didn't give me one ounce of grief when I told them I'd be going out of town for a day (maybe the kids are growing up after all ;o)

On Monday, it was back to the "real world" with a return to work/school. Afterwards, we went to the Jennings for dinner and an evening of play. Mr. B and Jon played ABCs - their extended version of the basketball game of horse, while Miss Monkey played with Abby.

With Memorial Day approaching, we're gearing up for a weekend of outdoor chores...I had 20 yards of mulch delivered so that will keep us pretty busy. We might even have some time to throw in a trip to the movies to see Shrek 3 ;o)

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