Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

We enjoyed a visit from Ron and Carol this weekend. Carol's leg was well enough to make the trip and it was great seeing them both again. Overall it was a pretty low key visit in terms of organized activities I had planned, but we were able to enjoy a meal out and a quiet afternoon at home (I even got Ron to help me put together the rest of our lawn furniture that had arrived this week. Miss Monkey was going to get a new bike that she could ride once she learned how to ride without training wheels, but she was too scared of the concept and opted not to get a bike yet (it didn't hurt that we wouldn't get her a small bike with training wheels that she'd outgrow by next year...she didn't want the next size up even though it was purple and had streamers.)

Unfortunately Mike ended up being sick most of the weekend and still isn't quite up to par yet. Hopefully it's just a virus that's working its way through his system and he'll be good as new soon.

For mother's day, I was treated to several handmade gifts. Miss Monkey painted two pot holders and an apron while she was at daycare. Mr. B made me an oriental style fan and a photo album scrapbook of the highlights from his year in third grade. Coincidentally, his first photo from his first day of school showed his arm in a cast ;o)

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