Thursday, June 28, 2007

Happy Anniversary

Mike and I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary this past Tuesday and we were actually able to spend some time together. Mike was working near Dayton this week, but had to be in Lordstown for a meeting on Wednesday morning. He drove home on Tuesday and arrived with a bouquet of yellow roses. It was so nice to spend some quality alone time together (the kids had just been tucked in bed when he arrived).

I've been pretty busy gearing up for a major client entertainment event this weekend. I'll be working 10 hours on Saturday...I'm sure I'll be exhausted but thrilled when the event is actually over.

Miss Monkey and Mr. B will be spending some time with Mom and Dad this next week. They've actually devised a plan where they'll have Miss Monkey for 4 days and then when they bring her home, they'll take Mr. B back with them for 4 days. The best part is that I won't have to travel to drop them off or take them home (Mr. B will be returning next Saturday, the day we had scheduled for his birthday party.)

They are both looking forward to some quality time with Grandma and Papa, especially since they'll have their undivided attention. I'm looking forward to spending some quality along time with each one too (without sibling bickering:o)

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