Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Miss Monkey's back

Yesterday evening, Mom & Dad brought Miss Monkey back home after a few days visiting Grandma and Papa. She had a great time crafting, gardening, shopping, visiting Great Grandma & Grandpa Johnson and playing with Susie, their new dog. She was so excited to show off her handiwork and was beaming that she was such good helper at Grandmas. She also thought it was really cool that she got to go to a church board meeting.

I think the suggestion to have them visit individually really paid off for everyone involved. Mr. B was like a different kid. I don't think I actually saw him pout once while Miss Monkey was away (of course it didn't hurt that he saw 3 movies in 4 days, visited with friends twice and got to go out for meals and ice cream treats a couple times.

After checking in with him this morning, he already seems to be having a great time. When I talked with him around 9, he had already taken a bike ride with Papa and decided that he wanted a DQ ice cream cake for his birthday...I guess I need to start planning for his birthday party this Saturday ;o)

I have off the rest of the week. Today, Miss Monkey and I are going to paint her room lavender (we already got the paint this morning). The next two days, Mike has to return to work, so I'm going to take advantage with a few days to myself (at least during the day when Miss Monkey is at Carol's with her friends). I'm not sure what project I'll tackle, but it feels good knowing that that time is mine to do whatever I want.

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