Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Kindergarten at last

The countdown has finally ended and Miss Monkey is officially in school. This year Miss Monkey is going to half day kindergarten in the afternoon. This morning she awoke with much energy and took special attention in getting ready. She had to wear a pretty outfit (which she'd picked out three days ago), get her hair braided and put on lip gloss. It's hard to believe she's only in Kindergarten with all the primping she does ;o)

I was able to take my lunch hour to go back to Carol's and see her get on the bus. Here are few images:

She had a great day. She loves her teacher and wishes she could still be at school tonight. There was one minor glitch with the buses on the way home, but luckily big brother was looking out for her. Apparently there is a bus that take her from her school to another school where all the buses gather. She didn't realize that she had to get off the original bus to get on Mr. B's bus. When he saw that she wasn't getting off, he asked his driver to radio the other driver and tell Miss Monkey which bus she had to get on. Hopefully everything will run smoothly tomorrow. If not, she'll have a few extra days to recover...there's no school on Friday (it's a Fair day and yes, Mom and Dad I am taking the kids to the fair this year ;o) plus Monday is Labor Day.

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