Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Michigan Visit

We spent a long weekend visiting family and friends in Michigan this weekend. One big project was building a rocket that Mr. B received for his birthday. Mike and I thought it would be the perfect spot to launch as they have plenty of open room. After 3 successful launches, the 4 time turned out to be the last. Using a more powerful engine, the launch carried the rocket so high that it was never to be seen again. After much searching (in the rain no less ;o), Mr. B concluded that the rocket must have blown up. He didn't seem too concerned as Ron promised to buy him another one the next time he came to visit. Looks like rocket launches will be on the agenda this Thanksgiving ;o)

Building the rocket with Grandpa

Preparing for launch with Grandpa and Uncle Marty

Miss Monkey and her little pet poodle, Cloey

Mike reunites with high school friends John and Kayleen at his 20th high school reunion

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