Monday, October 29, 2007

Mike's home for the week

The big news for the week is that Mike will be at home all week. After a quick visit to Michigan today (he left this morning and will be returning later tonight) he'll be working at Lordstown the rest of the week. That means that he'll be at home every night during the week. He has to work on Saturday and Sunday, so I'm taking the kids to Mom and Dad's this weekend. I'll go down home on Friday after work and then I'm going to Columbus to spend a day of shopping/visiting/dining/and having fun with my college girlfriends. Then I'll return on Sunday to pick up the kids. It's been planned for ages and I can't wait.

I'll be taking Phillip and Abby (my nephew and niece) down to Mom's with me on Friday, so hopefully the trip will be uneventful. Hopefully Alyce and Jon will be able to enjoy some quiet alone time before the new baby is born in December.

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