Thursday, November 08, 2007

A fun week

Being away this past weekend with my college girlfriends was a blast! However, that, combined with hosting Shari and Alyce's family for dinner on Monday, definitely put me behind with household chores. It's Thursday and I think I've finally caught up with last week's laundry put there will be more to do this weekend...UGHH.

Mike has been working in Lordstown this week, but we haven't seen him as much as I would have hoped. So far this week, he got home at 10:30 pm on Monday, 8 on Tuesday and 9 last night. He said this isn't that unusual for his projects, plus he has an hour commute back home from the plant. Hopefully he'll be able to get off earlier next week, especially for our two parent teacher conferences that are scheduled for next week.

We're slowly but surely making progress on our holiday shopping...maybe this will be the year that everything's done by Thanksgiving ;o) ... well, there's always wishful thinking.

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