Wednesday, October 03, 2007

A run in with the teacher...

One of the assignments Mr. B has is to complete in his 4th grade challenge class is book project. The project can be anything related to the accelerated reader book he just read. His informational book on the Sun. The project he opted to do was make a model of the solar system.

Not knowing the first thing about putting together a solar system model I researched it online. After finding project instructions we headed off to Michaels craft store to get all the different size styrofoam balls and rings. Prices for many of the styrofoam pieces were surprisingly high...some were $3-$4 per ball. I decided to bite the bullet for the sake of Mr. B project's success and loaded our basket with all the different size pieces. The instructions called for wooden dowel rods too so when we located them in a different aisle, I was thrilled to find a solar system model kit (complete with all the same size styrofoam balls we had just selected). The best part...the whole kit was only $10. Mr. B was excited and rushed to put the individual styrofoam back. I think he felt guilty that the project was initially going to cost between $30 - $40 and was glad to find something that was much more economical.

The next day Mr. B diligently painted all the balls/rings and on Saturday he and Mike put the model together (with measured accuracy of course ;o)

This morning, I dropped his model at school on my way to work (we didn't want to risk it being damaged on the bus). While I was there, I saw his teacher, Mrs. Zink. She said she was impressed with the project and that she loved having Mr. B in her class. She said he was doing great and was impressed that he always completed his work without having to act up to impress any of his classmates (apparently she's been having some problems with some of the boys doing just that). Needless to say, it's great when you get a good report from your child's was definitely a good way to start the day.

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