Sunday, January 20, 2008

Princess party

Today, Miss Monkey celebrated her final birthday bash with her friends. Although there were eight girls who RSVP'd that they were coming, we ended up with four (her triplet friends were sick and another friend had a change in family plans).

All her friends arrived in their favorite princess attire. After making princess hats and jewelry, it was time to play some games. Since it was a princess theme, I decided to take a deviation from the traditional pin the tail on the donkey...we played pin the jewel on the crown. Amazingly all the girls hit the target perfectly (there must have been a major defect in the blindfold we had ;o)

After digging into the castle cake I made, Miss Monkey opened her gifts and then played with her friends until the parents arrived.

Overall, it was a very easy party...we only had a few bits of attitude from our lovely little Miss Monkey ;o) Here are some of our favorite pictures:

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