Sunday, January 20, 2008

Victory in Defeat

Yesterday, Mr. B had his second game of the year. Even though his team dropped another game (they're 0-2), he continues to impress us. He's always hussling after the ball, helping his teammates when they get stuck and driving and shooting like crazy. Although his shooting percentage is not the best yet, he wasn't bashful in taking the shot. I think he must have shot at least 10 times yesterday and he made two. Quite the difference from last season when some days he wouldn't even get a shot off.

After the game, Miss Monkey and I went to Cleveland for the High School Musical: The Ice Tour. We had really great seats and we loved the music, skating and effects. The only negative was the two extremly loud girls behind us, who screamed at the top of their lungs. That seemed to really annoy Miss Monkey, but it didn't damper the overall experience very much.

Today, we have Miss Monkey's friends over for a princess themed party. She'll be wearing the dress Grandma Wood had made for her last Christmas. I'll hopefully have some pictures to post later with the nine girls (yes nine!)

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