Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A week of challenges

This week has been full of little challenges. First we encountered an evening without electricity. Of course the power had to go out in the midst of Mr. B doing his homework. He was looking up his vocabulary words online and the loss of power forced him to use the good old fashioned dictionary (thanks Amanda;o)

I was able to successfully able to start a fire in the gas fireplace too without hurting anyone or anything. It was my first solo endeavor and I was very greatful that Mike and I had just talked about how to start it last week. Of course I couldn't call Mike to have him walk me through it because the bad weather negated the signal I had on my cell phone and I was almost out of the battery to boot. Fortunately the power came on just in time for the kids bedtimes (it would have been a cold night otherwise ;o)

The next day we came home and found that the cable/cable modem for our internet wasn't working. Of course the cable company said they couldn't come out to check it until the next evening...thank goodness for DVDs.

Wednesday the cable was being fixed as were were getting home. Mr. B had basketball practice that night, so I was going to warm up dinner in the microwave. As I opened the door I heard a little rattle and I assumed that my watch must have hit the door...wrong! The safety latch had broken causing the microwave door not to close and the microwave not to work. Of course I could warm up dinner on the stove, but the minor inconveniences of all these things are seem to be adding up. Hopefully our luck will be on the upswing soon ;o)

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