Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I've Hired an Executive Chef

Last week, I commented to Mr. B that I was tired of always having to plan our menus and cooking. He offered to start cooking and asked if I would pay him a $1 a day to take over the responsibility. I agreed immediately and so far it's worked even better than I could have expected it to.

He's planned our menus for the entire week and so far he's sticking to his commitment (I'm not sure how long his enthusiasm will last, but I'll take whatever I can get). So far, I've had breakfast in bed the last three days and he's been cooking dinners too. (I hang out in the kitchen in case he needs me or has any questions, but so far I haven't had to be that involved beyond cutting up some onions for the BBQ chicken pizza we had a couple days ago.)

Now Miss Monkey wants to figure out what she can do to earn a dollar a far she's earned a few extra dollars by washing my car by herself while Mr. B and I mow the grass...I love it when the family works together!

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