Thursday, May 08, 2008

Baseball begins

Earlier this year I was able to get Mr. B registered for baseball, despite being a month late with my registration. Well, the practices have begun with a fury. His first practice was on Tuesday and he has three more scheduled in the next week before his first game on May 17. Despite going to the wrong location at first, I was able to get Mr. B to his practice. He was a little nervous that he wouldn't be good at hitting, but boy did he do well...I think he was even proud of himself. I think he might actually do pretty well this year (even though he hasn't played since t-ball when he was in kindergarden). I guess all those evenings playing catch in the backyard might actually pay off ;o)

Miss Monkey was a trooper, albeit a pouty one, during the practice. I originally thought practice was at her school, so she was excited to play on her playground. When we realized we were at the wrong school, she was upset that she wouldn't get to play like she'd planned. Oh well, she lived...despite being bored out of her mind as the practice went on for 1.5 hours.

Tonight, Miss Monkey has gymnastics til 6:15 and I have 45 minutes to get the kids fed and off to Brandon's baseball practice at 7. Tonight's practice is at River Road park (which Miss Monkey loves), so hopefully things will go a little smoother...if it's not rained out, that is.

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