Thursday, May 01, 2008

A Much Needed Visit

Mike was able to rearrange his travel schedule so that he could come home briefly on Sunday (he arrived home around 2 pm. and had to leave the next morning). He was a sight for sore eyes!

I know he's exhausted from all the non-stop travel and being away from the family, so I ask that you please keep him in your prayers. He's equated it to being on a non-stop treadmill...he either has to jump off or keep up the pace. For now, he's continuing on...

Mr. B and Miss Monkey (OK, maybe it's just Mr. B) are counting down until summer break. It's less about a month away (last day is June 6) and after three continuous days of state testing, Mr. B is definitely ready. He thinks he's done pretty well with each of the testing areas (reading, math and writing) and it didn't hurt that they were able to have a snack during the testing period...his favorite were the donuts one mother brought in yesterday.

Miss Monkey is back to loving gymnastics after wanting to quit when she was having trouble with the bars. With much encouragement by me, Mike and Carol, she continued on last week and when I picked her up, she asked if she could sign up for another gymnastics class after this one is over.

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