Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A week with Mike

Mike is home this week on vacation and we couldn't be happier. Carol said she had the most animated conversation with Miss Monkey who was so excited that her Daddy was home all week (she said she more excited about her Daddy being home than Santa visiting at Christmas time...precious!)

Last night we spent some quality DBT time together when we went hiking in a new park we've found. For those who aren't familiar with DBT, it stands for Damn Bonding Time ...a phrase affectionately coined by my Daddy. When we got there, the trail sign said the path was 2.8 miles and we were all up for. Well, let's just say that more than half of the trail was winding through the woods and the kids wondered when we'd ever get out of there. They were real troopers though and didn't complain once. We even saw a few deer in the woods and a bird walked the path in front of us for several minutes, which was cute to watch.

Tonight we have another baseball game and it looks like it will be a fantastic night weather-wise.

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