Thursday, August 28, 2008

School at Last

School is officially back in session and overall it's been a pretty smooth transition back into the world of education.

Miss Monkey was excited to enter 1st grade (as I expected), however, Mr. B did a complete 360 when he announced last Friday that he couldn't wait for school to start. Wow, is this the same little man that all summer long professed his lack of love for school?!?!?

Like a good little mom, I waited with them for the bus to arrive on Monday morning and captured a few photos of their "first" day of school. Unfortunately, I didn't check my camera battery that morning so I don't have many photos of them actually getting on the bus...just several images of the kids joking around before the bus came.

So far, Miss Monkey has announced that first grade is boring as it's all been review (too easy for our little genious ;o) Mr. B was very excited on the first day and immediately announced that his teacher gave them pringles and root beer the first day (she's quickly become his favorite teacher ;o) They have a travel theme this year and this was part of their flight into fifth grade (the pringles and root beer were their inflight snacks...very clever)

Mr. B is anxiously awaiting his first band class today. I'm curious to see how long his excitement for the sax will last.

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