Sunday, November 09, 2008

Random Updates

We're currently in the midst of Mike's three week trip to Shreveport, Louisiana...he'll be home on Nov. 21 and I can't wait!

Miss Monkey had a great report card and wonderful parent teacher conference.

Mr. B is holding his own in his 5th grade challenge class, but I think he's realizing he needs to actually study more (instead of relying on what he's reviewed in class). It's definitely his hardest year yet.

I'm trying to keep it all together while Mike is away, but it's proving challenging sometimes (especially when I have to deal with Mr. B not being able to deal with his anxiety when he can't sleep). However, I'm trying to keep perspective on how blessed we are and not dwell on the negative or what life "should" be like. Hopefully a positive approach will benefit everyone.

I got to see most of my family on Saturday (minus Mike and Amanda). It was a blessing to see everyone (including Shari's growing baby belly), and play with my niece and's been a while since we have seen them and they're growing up fast...I could definitely see more maturity in Abby since she started school.

I'm trying to get a step ahead on Christmas shopping and have already gotten several gifts. Still need more ideas for our Michigan family though.

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