Saturday, February 07, 2009

Dropping like flys

The guys in the house are dropping like flys - well, not literally, but let me explain. Mike woke up feeling better than he felt the night before but still "not well." As a result, he ended up staying home this morning while we went to Mr. B's basketball game.

The game was a very close battle...the most physical game they've had so far. During one stretch of time, a player was injured on each consecutive play. Three kids went down from Mr B's team, and unfortunately one of them was our little man. He hurt his ankle somehow and limped off the court. He returned after a brief rest, but didn't last too long and then sat out the last quarter because of the injury. Fortunately their team wasn't great at foul shots as our team fouled someone when they were shooting a hail mary shot and they had 3 free throws with zero seconds on the clock. The final score was that raises our record to 3-0!

BTW, Mr. B picked out the new blog template...what does everyone think?

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