Sunday, February 01, 2009

Learning a thing or two

I love Facebook (the social networking website). I've been able to reconnect with many high school and college friends, not to mention a ton of family members...if you aren't a member (it's free), I highly encourage you to join in the fun.

On Facebook, people are sharing notes with 25 things about's very intersting to learn new things about people I know. For those of you who aren't Facebook members, I thought I'd share my entry today. I know that many of you are aware of most of them, but who knows, maybe you'll learn a few new things about me.

1. I am the oldest of 4 girls...and the shortest.

2. I met my husband at a church youth group roller skating party...Mike was visiting his college roommate that weekend and Bruce was our youth group leader. It happened to be on my parents wedding anniversary and I invited the guys back to our house for dinner while my parents were out celebrating.

3. Our second date was my senior prom.

4. While in high school I traveled to China, New Zealand and Hawaii in two separate International Sports Exchange volleyball team trips.

5. I actually used to be very good at indoor volleyball. During my junior and senior years were were state champions and state runners up. I had the best time playing v-ball in high school (including playing co-ed v-ball during open gyms in the summer).

6. I used to love Mountain Dew, but now I can't stand it.

7. I am a bit of an organizational nut...without order, I feel my life is out of balance. Of course, with two kids, that is my constant battle.

8. When Mike and I got married, we asked our family not to bug us about having kids until after we were married for 5 years. We had Mr. B about two weeks after our 5th wedding anniversary.

9. Mr. B is so much like his father, but people tell me he looks more like me.

10. I have not been that great at keeping in touch with old high school friends, but facebook is helping me reconnect with them. I do however, try to get together with my college girlfriends about once a month. I feel so much better after an evening out with the girls.

11. I work in public relations...which is surprising to some since I grew up being very shy.

12. My most vivid childhood memories consist of playing basketball in the driveway with daddy, being forced to run the back country roads each day (usually 1-3 miles training for races or sports), putting up hay in the summer with my cousins, weeding the garden and then snapping beans. Can you tell I grew up in the country.

13. Speaking of which, we got 3 TV channels growing up...not much TV watching was going on.

14. I was a huge 49ers and Lakers fan growing up.

15. I lost my beloved grandma this past summer after watching a lung tumor decimate her body for a year. She is the closest relative I've lost and it was one of the most emotionally painful experiences I've been through. I'm thankful for my mom, sister and aunts who took care of her every day.

16. I've always thought my mother was a strong woman, but I'm even more convinced after watching her take care grandma.

17. The proudest moment in my professional career was winning a Public Relations Silver Anvil for the work we did on the Ohio Bicentennial campaign. It the equivalent of winning an Emmy in our industry. Our trip to New York for the awards ceremony was a blast.

18. My sisters are my best friends.

19. I am a "single mom" during the week, as Mike's current position with GM is based in Michigan and he does a ton of traveling. We opted not to move the family because of his excessive travel, but it is very difficult situation having him away. We're grateful that he's employed (especially in today's economy), but wish he could find a job that is closer to home.

20. I have never been one to anger easily.

21. Mike came up with the names of both our children...he always wanted a son named Mr. Michael and he suggested Miss Monkey after we were considering Sydney and Michaela.

22. I grew up going to a small country church with about 30-50 people. Today, I attend Parkside Church which has about 1000 people at each of three morning services.

23. I'm proud that my daughter, Miss Monkey, is a very self-confident little girl. She's smart and has her own sense of style...and she doesn't care what people think of her clothing choices...not even her momma.

24. I went to Walt Disney World for the first time when I was 33. It was the first trip for Mike and our kids as well.

25. I love my children's laughter...I wish I could bottle it up forever.

26. I broke my sister Shari's finger when we were younger. I intentionally tripped her after an argument (which I can't to this day remember what it was about). I begged her to let me try and fix it, but she ran outside to get Mom and Dad. For some reason, this story seems to come up at every family gathering.

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