Sunday, March 01, 2009

Life's Simple Pleasures

This morning was not unlike any other Sunday. Everyone sleeps in until the sun wakes us. Then I whip up breakfast before church. It's a chore that is routinely simple. Yet, this morning, I found great pleasure in Miss Monkey's eagerness to help. And she knew exactly what she wanted. Aebelskievers.

For those of you who aren't familiar with Aebelskievers, they are a little Danish pancake ball (much like a donut hole). My husband is part Danish and every summer we have enjoyed this little delicacy at their local Danish Festival. Thanks to his father, we have our own aebelskiever cast iron pan so we can make them at home.
For me, growing up in the southern hills of Ohio, I certainly knew about the pleasures of fresh, homemade donut holes. When my Mom made homemade donuts, it was pure heaven --even though they were fried in melted lard. (Then again, maybe that is what made them so good.) My sisters and I had so much fun cutting out the donuts and then anxiously waiting until Mom took them out of the fryer so we could sugar our own donut.
Well this morning, I got to continue that tradition with my own little girlie. After watching me make these several times, she knew exactly what to do. She anxiously got out all the ingredients and helped me measure and stir until the batter was ready. Now for the deliciously fun them!

As I watched my little girlie proudly turn the Aebelskievers, I knew what my mother must have felt everyone time one of her girls helped her out in the kitchen. It's a simple thing really, but yet one I have often taken for granted. Today, I decided to take notice of one of life's simple pleasures and enjoyed everyone minute of it.

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