Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My 'Little' Boy...

It's a change that I know is inevitable. But it's one that I've been dreading.

My little boy (OK, he's nearly 11) is slowly becoming a "tween."

I've been noticing little changes for a while now. Like his sudden interest in his appearance. He's now wearing jeans all the time (even though he's hated wearing them since kindergarten) and he is actually taking care of his hair without being reminded (a constant battle I've had with him for years).

He's also taken an interest in instant messaging his friends (I've even seen him chatting with a few girls...UGGHHH. I can't even go there yet.) Can this be the same boy that has never wanted to talk with his friends on the phone or even had the slightest interest in girls?

While he insists that he doesn't have a girlfriend (Deep breath), he says that most of his friends do. (Deep breath). I know it's inevitable. But he's only 10.

For now, I'm relishing the quiet times we still have...the private conversations about things he's worried about...the nightly snuggling on the couch...and our nightly prayers at bedtime.

As he inches his way into puberty, I have to remind myself that this is normal. And inevitable.

But I also secretly wish that he could be my sweet little boy a little while longer.

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