Monday, April 06, 2009

My little black book

As my little ones become, well, not so little, I often find myself pulling out my little black book. No, not that type of little black book (I'm not that kinda girl, wink)...but rather my little black book of my children's funniest sayings.

Zoo Visits

It all started one day at the Cleveland Zoo when we took our then two year old Mr. B to visit the primates.

Me: Look at the baboons

Mr. B: (in all seriousness) No Mommy. They aren't BAD boons. They're GOOD boons.


Then you have Miss Monkey, who loves jingles, even when she was only three. At that time, McDonald's jingle was:

"Da, da, da, da, daaaa...I'm Love'n It"

Well, Miss Monkey's rendition was close:

"Da, da, da, da, daaaa...I'm Lemonade"

Home Improvements

When Miss Monkey was three, Mike brought home two bags of salt for the water softener. She asked him what one bag was and he told her it was salt. With her face beaming, she asked him if the other bag was pepper.

Lawn Mowing

After an exciting first day of kindergarten, Miss Monkey came home full of energy. When she heard that Mr. B would be helping me mow the grass that evening, she offered to help too. When I explained we only had two mowers, she proudly exclaimed that she could use her new scissors.

Oh, how I love their childlike innocence. While those innocent comments are growing farther and farther between, I still hope to be able to add many more sayings to little black book.

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